Bloom Community Care

Our Process

Step 1

Once you make contact with Bloom Community Care, you will be offered an Intake Interview in a mode and language preferred by you. This first interview will help Bloom Community Care establish whether your support needs can best be met by our organisation. In addition to a comprehensive introduction to the organization, you will be provided with a Handbook which aims to provide you with all the information you will need through your journey with Bloom Community Care, this includes our Worker Code of Conduct, Client Charter and east-to-ready Privacy Statement as well as other relevant service provision information. You will also be provided with a Feedback, Compliments and Complaints Form, which includes information on a range of overseeing bodies that you can contact at any time if you feel you are not being adequately supported. We aim to get a decision of the outcome of the Intake Interview no later than one week after the interview.

At any time you request, you will be provided with information and support for an independent advocate that will help you should you need it.

Step 2

If you are successful following the Intake Interview and you accept the offer for services, a further Assessment Planning Interview will take place within 7-15 working days. The Assessment Planning Interview involves completing a Support Assessment Form with you so that together we can assess the level and scope of your needs for effective service delivery. The outcome of the interview will result in the signing a Service Agreement, which details a support and fee schedule. BCC will ensure that any of the supporters you choose are present at the interview to provide input. If necessary, additional meetings can be scheduled.

If you are unsuccessful following the Intake Interview or are put on a waiting list, you have the right to appeal to the Director for review the Intake Interview outcome. Generally, an applicant will only be unsuccessful if their support needs are outside the scope of Bloom Community Care services or Bloom Community Care has reached full capacity.

Step 3

In order to make sure you are on track in achieving your plan goals, Review Support Assessment will be conducted at six-month intervals and serve to provide an opportunity for any updates and/or changes to your support needs.

During your journey with Bloom Community Care you will have the opportunity to contribute to the running of the organization through satisfaction surveys, service planning and delivery days, general feedback via the suggestion box, and our general open door policy at any time.


If you should wish to end service provision before the dates set out in your Service Agreement, we expect that you will give Bloom Community Care at least one month notice in writing.

You will be provided with information and support to access a person of your choice, such as an advocate, to assist you in exiting Bloom Community Care. Prior to exiting, you will be provided guidance and support to:
• Investigate other options or models of support
• Consider re-entry to Bloom Community Care should your needs or circumstances change within 30 days
• Provide any feedback they wish to give

Your privacy rights will be respected and protected at all times in accordance with the Bloom Community Care Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and Procedure.